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As a not-for-profit organization, the FBCW counts on the efforts of volunteers to make our programming and operations possible.

We believe the rewards should flow both ways.

The FBCW benefits from the time, skills and commitment of our diverse membership, while volunteers get the opportunity to network with other writers, explore new ideas, and use existing skills or develop new ones. Our volunteers can also take pride in knowing they are building and supporting BC’s writing community as part of a dynamic team.

To show our appreciation, the FBCW offers additional perks (scroll down to Volunteer Benefits) to our valued volunteers.

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volunteer benefits

Volunteering with the FBCW comes with its own rewards: build your resume with new experiences; explore new skills; meet interesting people; network with other writers; make industry connections; and contribute to BC’s writing community in a meaningful way.

To show our appreciation for our volunteers’ time and dedication, we offer the following additional perks:

  • Gratitude Renewal Rate – Members who volunteer 3 hours per month or more (or 36 hours per year) will pay a discounted membership rate of $25.00 at next renewal. 
  • Volunteer of the Month – honoured with a profile on our website, in social media and in WordWorksOnline.
  • Volunteer of the Year – honoured at our Summit Gala.

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listing details

  • 26 Aug 2022 8:29 AM | Bryan Mortensen (Administrator)

    Writing Circle Lead

    Job Description:

    1.Writing Circle Leads facilitate a dedicated writing circle. Ideally each circle will have two people in this role for backup purposes. 

    2.Arrange for any prompts and/or activities the circle decides to run. 

    3.Arrive at least 10 minutes before the circle session.

    4. Ensure the safety and privacy of the space.

    5.Stay in touch with participants and manage any Google shared drive the circle decides to create. 

    6. If a Circle Lead cannot attend a session, it is their responsibility to find an alternate Lead to run the circle for a given date, or notify participants if there is a cancellation. 

  • 26 Aug 2022 8:28 AM | Bryan Mortensen (Administrator)

    Writing Circle Event Moderator

    Job Description:

    1.Writing Circle Event Moderators are sent an Event Moderator Guide and a schedule of events for which they can sign up.

    2.  Open FBCW Zoom account 15 minutes before the session.

    3.Admit Circle Lead into the room as they arrive and make host.

    4.Moderators may leave session if they choose after transferring host powers to the Circle Lead. 

  • 26 Aug 2022 8:22 AM | Bryan Mortensen (Administrator)

    Members of the Fed Street Team may sign up for one, some, or all of the volunteer positions described below.

    • Magazine and/or Poster Distributors

    • Social Media Squad

    • Press Release Team

    • Event Moderators

    *Monthly Check-Ins – To ensure that members of the Fed Street Team stay organised and up-to-date with FBCW priorities and events, virtual check-ins will be held on a monthly basis. This is an opportunity to connect, share news, and support one another. Participants are encouraged to attend at least six check-ins per year.  

    Magazine and/or Poster Distributors – WordWorks represents some of our best work as an organisation and is a great marketing tool for memberships and events, so getting our magazine out to as many locations across the province is a priority. The more people we reach in the community, the more value we provide to our funders, and the more we increase our circulation for advertising.

    o   Magazine Distribution Job Description:

    1. Maintain a list of distribution locations in your community, eg. libraries, bookstores, and coffee shops.

    2. Update the FBCW if there are any changes to this list.

    3. Receive magazines at home from the FBCW.

    4. Distribute magazines to the locations listed.

    5. Update on needs for additional copies before next printing.

    o   Poster Distribution Job Description:

    1. Print out posters from a file provided by the FBCW and ask to put up on bulletin boards and other appropriate places when dropping off magazines at above locations.

    2. Members who print and distribute posters will be paid a stipend to reimburse their printing costs. 

    Social Media Squad – To make the most of social media engagement algorithms, we need a core group of people who will regularly like, share and comment on our posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Cross-posting to other appropriate groups and sites is also encouraged. To submit a blog, article or video for sharing, please click here.

    Press Release Team – To increase our media coverage in communities across the province, a team of volunteers is needed to stay abreast of upcoming FBCW events and speakers and to craft relevant “spins” that will resonate with their local media.

    o   Press Release Team Job Description:

    1. Team members will receive a press release template from FBCW.

    2. Customise with relevant information from event/presenter promotional material or database.

    3. Submit customised versions of press release to local media in your community.

    Event Moderators– A team of four or five trained volunteers are needed to facilitate virtual events and ensure they run smoothly. Moderators will open Zoom rooms and follow our moderator guide to ensure consistent, high-quality programming.

    o   Event Moderator Job Description:

    1. Event Moderators are sent an Event Moderator Guide and a schedule of events for which they can sign up in advance.

    2. Open official FBCW Zoom accounts 15 minutes before an event or session.

    3. Admit speakers/hosts into the room as they arrive and make appropriate parties co-host.

    4. Admit guests 5 minutes prior to start.

    5. Stay for the duration of the event. Watch chat/video for any problematic content and/or intruders (Zoom-bombers)

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