The way Martin Crosbie sees it sees it there’s three paths to success for a book on the virtual shelf: it can take off, racking up phenomenal sales and netting the author enough money to do nothing but write forevermore; or it can ‘hang around’ in the ratings, selling 10 to 15 copies a day and netting the author a tidy income supplement of $25 to $45; or it can bounce up and down on the charts, depending on how actively it’s promoted by you-know-who.

You’d think the author of How I sold 30,000 eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle could claim to be in the first category, or at the very least in the second. Crosbie is straight up about it, he has to work for sales, and his best selling book is all about the kind of commitment that gets authors results when they go online. “I’ve got to work for it,” he said of his own success. “I’ve got to do a promotion every month to keep it going, to keep moving up the rankings and finding readers.”

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