‘Convergence': coming together with self-publishing ideas…

Martin Crosbie’s Jan. 25 workshop in Crescent Beach is actually one of three Fed events coming up between now and the end of February themed on self-publishing – a ‘convergence’ that has prompted Interim Executive Director Craig Spence to ruminate on how big the self-publishing blip has become on all our radar screens. More


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The Fed joined other arts groups at the Fall into the Arts Expo in Saanich, BC. We're glad to report that there are as many reasons to write as there are writers. Check out some thoughts on collaboration, what appeals to youth, why people take workshops, and some of the new genres that fall under the umbrella of 'writing.' ReadON WordWorks, the Fed's literary magazine 'for writers, about writing' welcomes story ideas and submissions. Check out the StoryBoard if you want bid on an assignment from the list of stories we are working on for upcoming editions, or  for a Fiction, Poetry or Creative Non-fictionto piece to Editor Craig Spence.