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Angela Douglas is an enthusiastic emerging writer bent on being heard. She has been writing, reading and researching since she was a little girl. As an adult she has written for a variety of companies in different industries, and sometimes for herself. With one wee honorable mention for a short story under her belt, and dozens of rejections, she plugs on. Currently wading through the hot mess of a first time Nanowrimo rough draft (written entirely out of order), she is rethinking her style, and will be planning and outlining for this year’s competition.

When she isn’t writing, she is coordinating the social media efforts of the FBCW and her personal business. Her background is in Marketing Communications and she often takes on clients for small contracts if you are looking for help with your marketing.

On top of her many interests and roles, she is also a proud mother of two living in Sunny Summerland BC.

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